About Our Company


Mr. Rathin Das
A Qualified Mechanical Engineer. A Dynamic and Progressive individual & Founder of the company.
His 12 years of experience in Façade Industry including Design, management and R&D. He now leads an experienced team that is responsible for successful deployment of Façade solution has enabled
him to nurture this new venture in line with professional companies.

Mrs. Malabika Samajdar
An Honours Graduate, Msc. with over two decades of marketing experience. She has been one of the guiding forces in forming the company.

Our Story

Kolkata Glazing Services took a shape in 2014. However, the existing glazing companies were holding the market for a long the time, the scope for new companies were running short. In the entire we found a pattern that the modern and edgy designs that were now coming were imported from other states.
It was then a point of breakthrough for us. We grabbed the opportunity and started working on the new designs.
“The hardest part is to start…” – Mrs. Malabika Samajdar

In this period of 5 years, we have gained a top reputation in the market for manufacturing and supplying exquisite glass products. We are amongst the top glazing companies in India. With our designer and innovative glass items, we can transform your home and office into something really amazing.
“It all started with one machine and then there was no stop.” – Mr. Rathin Das.
Keep shining with Kolkata Glazing Service!

Our Vision –
To ensure high degree of customer satisfaction through quality driven work process, Value added techniques, exemplary after sales service and proactive project management skills.

To be the pioneer in the fabrication, installation and Solution provider to the Aluminium Architectural Industries with the commitment towards Quality and Customer satisfaction.

Concentrate all its strategies around customers through a continuous process of QCDS.