How We Work

We, at Kolkata Glazing Services ensure a systematic and full proof working process. WE plan each step and then discuss with the Project Architect before starting with the execution. Once they are contained, we bring in our skilled employees to carry out the process.

             Fabrication System

   Double Head Digital Heavy Duty Aluminium Cutting Machine (LGF-Italy)
   Light Duty Aluminium Cutting Machine
   Corner Cleating machine
   Copy Router (LGF-Italy)
   End Milling (LGF-Italy)
   Suspended Platform (Gandola) for Façade work
   Other tools & tackles

             Installation Methodology

   Physical Final measurement and approval of Final Drawing.
   Preparation of Bar Chart for Material and labour.
   Material list for procurement of required quantity of material from approved vendors in phased manner without disturbing smooth flow of operation( including Aluminium sections/ACP, Glass etc of required length and thickness.)
   The sections are coated (both anodizing/powder coating) as per customer’s preference.
   The coated sections are being cut to size (as per measurement), punched, shaped and made into frames, final assembling, finishing, completion and installation.


            We also Offer –
   Highly skilled and qualified sales & service personnel who understand your needs better and are committed to provide Quality service always.
   Uniformity in prices, Value for money
   Professional Approach